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MAIN = Bethlehem Campus;  MROE = Monroe Campus;  DIST = Virtual Campus

ACCT101  Financial Accounting I  (DIST)
ARTA101  Art History Survey  (DIST)
ARTA170  Computer Graphics  (DIST)
BUSA205  Management Fundamentals  (DIST)
CISC101  Introduction to Information Technology  (DIST)
CJST101  Introduction to Criminal Justice  (DIST)
CJST250  Comptemp Issues in Criminal Justice  (DIST)
CMTH102  Introduction to Communication  (MROE, DIST)
CMTH190  Stage Production  (MAIN)
ENGL027  Writing Skills Workshop  (DIST)
ENGL101  English I  (MROE, DIST)
ENGL151L  English II  (DIST)
GEOG121  Environmental Sustainability  (DIST)

GEOG150  Astronomy  (DIST)
GEOL201  Physical Geology  (DIST)
GLBL130  Introduction to Global Studies  (DIST)
HCOA154  Medical Terminology  (DIST)
HIST103  Ancient & Medieval History  (DIST)
HIST113  American History I  (DIST)
HIST163  American History II  (DIST)
MATH120  Nature of Mathematics  (DIST)
MATH140  College Algebra  (DIST)
OFAD130  Introduction to WordPerfect  (DIST)
OFAD142  Introduction to Excel  (DIST)
OFAD144  Introduction to Outlook  (DIST)
PHED130  Fitness I  (MAIN, DIST)
PHED135  Yoga and Pilates  (MAIN, DIST)

PHED235  Personal Yoga Practice  (MAIN, DIST)
PHIL111G  On Death and Dying  (DIST)
PHIL201  Introduction to Philosophy  (DIST)
PHIL202  Ethics and Moral Problems  (DIST)

PHIL202G  Ethics and Moral Problems  (DIST)
PSYC103  Introduction to Psychology  (MAIN, MROE, DIST)
PSYC255  Abnormal Psychology  (DIST)
PSYC258  Developmental Psychology  (DIST)
SOCA102  Cultural Anthropology  (DIST)
SOCA103  Principles of Sociology  (DIST)
SOCA103G  Principles of Sociology  (DIST)


MAIN = Bethlehem Campus;  MROE = Monroe Campus;  DIST = Virtual Campus;  OFFC = Off-Site;  SBTH = South Bethlehem Campus (Fowler Center)

ACCT151  Financial Accounting II  (MAIN, DIST)
CMTH102  Introduction to Communication  (DIST)
COLS101  College Success  (MAIN, MROE, DIST)
EMGS115  Emergency Medical Technician - Basic  (SBTH)
EMGS151  Fire Prevention  (DIST)
EMGS217  Public Information and Relations  (DIST)
EMGS256  First Responder Stress Awareness and Management  (DIST)
ENGL101  English I  (DIST)
ENGL151L  English II  (DIST)
HCOA172  Health Insurance Basics  (DIST)
HUMA121  American Work Experience  (DIST)
NURS223  Maternal Child Health Nursing  (MROE)
NURS224  Care of Mental Patients  (MAIN, OFFC, DIST)
PHED121  Cardio Conditioning  (DIST)
PUBH100  Introduction to Healthcare Careers  (DIST)
PUBH102  Introduction to Epidemiology  (DIST)
PUBH203  Public Health Educ Communication  (DIST)
PUBH204  Community Health Practice  (DIST)
WELD135  Welding Fabrication and Symbols  (MAIN)


Please note that our Fall Flex courses have their own unique start/end dates as well as add/drop/withdraw/etc. deadlines — they do not use the same start/end dates as our standard periods.

MAIN = Bethlehem Campus;  DIST = Virtual Campus;  OFFC = Off-Site;  SBTH = South Bethlehem Campus (Fowler Center)

ASEP100-FLEX-01  Automotive Fundamentals  (MAIN)
ASEP101-FLEX-02  General Motors Engines  (MAIN)
ASEP103-FLEX-03  General Motors Brakes  (MAIN)
ASEP104-FLEX-03  General Motors Suspension and Alignment  (MAIN)
ASEP105-FLEX-01  General Motors Electrical Systems  (MAIN)
ASEP211-FLEX-03  General Motors Fuel and Emission Systems  (MAIN)
ASEP221-FLEX-01  Advanced General Motors Engine Performance  (MAIN)
ASEP224-FLEX-01  Advanced General Motors Automotive Studies  (MAIN)
AUTC100-FLEX-01  Automotive Fundamentals  (MAIN)
AUTC101-FLEX-01  Chrysler Engines  (MAIN)
AUTC101-FLEX-03  Chrysler Engines  (MAIN)
AUTC103-FLEX-01  Chrysler Brakes  (MAIN)
AUTC104-FLEX-01  Chrysler Suspension and Alignment  (MAIN)
AUTC105-FLEX-01  Chrysler Electrical Systems  (MAIN)
AUTC211-FLEX-01  Chrysler Fuel and Emission Systems  (MAIN)
AUTC221-FLEX-01  Advanced Chrysler Engine Performance  (MAIN)
  Advanced Chrysler Automotive Studies  (MAIN)
  Automotive Fundamentals  (MAIN)

AUTO101-FLEX-01  Automotive Engines  (MAIN)
AUTO103-FLEX-01  Automotive Brakes  (MAIN)
AUTO104-FLEX-01  Automotive Suspension and Alignment  (MAIN)
AUTO105-FLEX-01  Automotive Electrical Systems  (MAIN)
AUTO106-FLEX-01  PA Safety Inspection Certificate  (MAIN)
AUTO106-FLEX-02  PA Safety Inspection Certificate  (MAIN)
AUTO106-FLEX-03  PA Safety Inspection Certificate  (MAIN)
AUTO211-FLEX-01  Automotive Fuel and Emission Systems  (MAIN)
AUTO224-FLEX-01  Advanced Automotive Studies  (MAIN)
CULA104-FLEX-01  Culinary Foundations  (BHEM)
CULA105-FLEX-01  Product Identification and Costing  (MAIN)
CULA110-FLEX-01  Baking and Pastry Production  (MAIN)
CULA112-FLEX-01  Culinary Skill Development  (MAIN)
CULA115-FLEX-01  Protein Fabrication and Utilization  (MAIN)
CULA135-FLEX-01  American Regional Cuisine  (MAIN)
Culinary and Restaurant Operations  (MAIN)
Global Cuisine  (MAIN)
Advanced Culinary and Restaurant Operations  (MAIN)

DENH206-FLEX-01  Local Anesthesia  (SBTH)
NURS260-FLEX-01  Integrated Concepts Nursing Practice  (MAIN, OFFC, DIST)
NURS260-FLEX-02  Integrated Concepts Nursing Practice  (MAIN, OFFC, DIST)
NURS261-FLEX-01  Nursing Practicum  (MAIN, OFFC)
NURS261-FLEX-02  Nursing Practicum  (MAIN, OFFC)