We understand your needs and priorities are changing and we're adapting  our courses to meet you where you are. 

In 7-week accelerated courses, you’ll cover the same material and earn the same credit as a full-term course in half the time. If you thrive in a fast-paced setting and enjoy being able to focus on fewer courses in a shorter amount of time, talk to your advisor to see how 7-week accelerated courses can help you succeed. 

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When you're ready, apply here and select "Spring 2022" as your anticipated start date. Current students can register through their Workday Student Portal. If you need assistance applying, choosing the right classes or have questions about Financial Aid, make an appointment with our enrollment services team or take advantage of walk-in hours at one of our campus locations.


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ACCT101  Financial Accounting I 
ACCT220  Income Tax Accounting
BIOS130  Basics of Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIOS130  Basics of Human Anatomy & Physiology & Lab
BIOS202  Microbiology for Allied Health & Lab
BUSA152  Business Law I
BUSA232  Principles of Marketing
CHEM120  General Chemistry I
CHEM120  General Chemistry I & Lab
CISC101  Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Communication

COLS101  College Success
ECON201  Macroeconomics

EMGS119  Fundamentals of Homeland Security
EMGS122  Emergency Action Planning
EMGS218  Incident Command & Management 
EMGS219  Regulatory Compliance
EMGS220  Methods of EMS Tactical Response
ENGL101  English I 
ENGL151L  English II
HCOA154  Medical Terminology
HCOA276  Diversity & Cultural Competency in Healthcare
MATH026  Intermediate Algebra
MATH118  Foundations of Mathematics I
MATH150  Introductory Statistics
NUTR105  Introduction to Nutrition

OSAH101  Construction Industry Outreach Safety Education
OSAH102  General Industry Outreach Safety Education
Legal Research

PSYC103  Introduction to Psychology 
PUBH100  Introduction to Healthcare Careers
PUBH101  Introduction to Public Health
PUBH103  Social & Cultural Perspectives of Health 
PUBH202  Public Health Across Life Span


Use the  course search to see course locations, formats and more.

ACCT151  Financial Accounting II 
ACCT202  Managerial Accounting
ACCT205  Cost Accounting
BIOS105  Contemporary Biology
BIOS202  Microbiology for Allied Health
BIOS204  Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BUSA205  Management Fundamentals
CISC101  Introduction to Information Technology
CISC104  Information Systems
CMTH102  Introduction to Communication
COLS101  College Success
ECON251G  Microeconomics
EMGS160  Introduction to Security
EMGS201  Chemistry of Hazardous Materials

EMGS207  Tech Apps for Emergency Services
EMGS216  Emergency Fiscal Administration
EMGS231  Law for Emergency Services
ENGL101  English I
ENGL151L  English II
FDST110  Food and Identity
HCOA172  Health Insurance Basics
HIST113  American History I
HUMA150  Nature of the Environment
MATH119  Foundations of Mathematics II
MATH120  Nature of Mathematics
MATH140  College Algebra 
MATH150  Introductory Statistics
 Applied Calculus

NUTR105  Introduction to Nutrition 
OFAD130  Introduction to WordPerfect
  Introduction to Outlook 

PARL210G  Legal Writing
PHED121  Cardio Conditioning
PSYC103  Introduction to Psychology
PUBH100  Introduction to Healthcare Careers 
PUBH102  Introduction to Epidemiology 
PUBH203  Public Health Education Communication
PUBH204  Community Health Practice
SOCA103  Principles of Sociology