All of our Winter Classes are 100% online. When you're ready, apply here and select "Fall 2021" as your anticipated start date. Current students can register through their Workday Student Portal. Search and register for courses in the Winter academic period. Winter classes are denoted with "WINT-01" in the course section. 

Registration begins October 13th for Veterans and October 14th for all other students.

If you need assistance applying, choosing the right classes or have questions about Financial Aid, make an appointment with our enrollment services team or take advantage of walk-in hours at one of our campus locations. Current students should meet with their Success Navigator or Advisor prior to registering.


All Winter classes are 100% online with no scheduled class meetings to attend.
ACCT101  Financial Accounting I 
ACCT151  Financial Accounting II
ACCT202  Managerial Accounting 
ARTA101  Art History Survey 
ARTA107  Drawing I
BIOS105  Contemporary Biology
BIOS126  Environmental Science 
BUSA211  Personal Finance 
CHEM105  Chemistry in Contemporary Society
CHEM135  Chemistry of Life
CHEM201G  Organic Chemistry I
CISC101 Introduction to Information Technology
ECON251G  Microeconomics 
ENGL151L  English II
British Literature I
World Geography 
HEAL150  Contemporary Health
HIST103  Ancient & Medieval History 
HIST163  American History II 
HIST166  Civil War and Reconstruction
MATH020  Pre-Algebra
MATH103  Technical Mathematics
MATH120  Nature of Mathematics
NUTR105  Introduction to Nutrition
PHED130  Fitness I
PHIL201  Introduction to Philosophy 

POLS101  Intro to Political Science
POLS110  American National Government 
PSYC103  Introduction to Psychology
PSYC258  Developmental Psychology 
PUBH100  Intro to Healthcare Careers
PUBH101  Intro to Public Health
PUBH102  Intro to Epidemiology 
PUBH202  Public Health Across Life Span
SOCA102  Cultural Anthropology  
SOCA103  Principles of Sociology  
SOCA125  Sociology of Families